Fairytale Fyn

…If you ever read the tales of the most famous Dane, then you might like to have a look on these few travel notes. Fyn,  the island in the middle of Denmark is best known for the birth place of H. C. Andersen. The main character of one of his tales is proudly sitting on a rock at the North port of Copenhagen- namely the Little Mermaid. In the heart of Odense you can visit his house , now a museum and have a walk around this area , which is the historical part of the town. There is also one of the main cathedrals in Denmark St Knuds Domkirke and the neighbouring St Albani Kirke in the city square which you should check out. Some of the Danish kings rest at the Domkirke, and you can even catch a glimpse on some human remains laying in the two coffins placed at the back of the church’s hall. My boyfriend loved that part 😀 Don’t forget to make yourself a selfie with H. C . Andersen’s statue sitting on a bench right next to his museum.