Faaborg , pleasant surprise on Fyn

Ok I am most sure you have not ever heard of this place, but since I collect memories of places I loved this tiny town. Faaborg is a little town the size of the one I come from with about 7000 inhabitants and very cute port. The port is active and many ferries depart from there to the numerous neighbouring islands. This place completely send me back in time , where this torture of modern life is just a relative measure. You might not really dedicate a full day to go there but if you plan a trip to Odense and camping somewhere on Fyn, you can check this hidden Jem. Thanks to my mania of Pinterest I present to you Faaborg. The little street you see below is home to small artisan workshops with handmade jewellery and decorations. There is also this typical for Danes“ leave a coin , take a pumpkin“ or any other seasonal produce veggie type of trade:) if you are up for bio-produce of course.