Kalvebod Faelled, Nature took over

Hi all,

This one post is for people fans of near sourcing. This is a concept of cutting long logistics trails and sourcing or being close to where you are, something like eating produce from the region where you live or being a tourist where you live. One afternoon on a Saturday I had lot to think of and I wanted to be in nature but without travelling 200km away from home, so we headed to “ Kalvebod Fælled“. Kalvebod Fælled has only been above the sea water since 1943. It now occupies 20 km2 area, while the inutial plan for this area was an employment project. Mother Nature took over quickly and many birds live permanently in this park. After this land reappeared above it became a military base, but now it’s a public space where everyone can enjoy freely. Kalvebod Fælled is today part of Amager Nature Park. I personally loved staring at the fishing herons and at the horizon.

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