Gramvousa Pirates Castle and Balos lagoon

Dear readers,

In a cold day as today when the wind is going directly in your bones, I think we need to warm up a bit. I will bring you to a magical place-the Gramvousa island and Balos lagoon.

We departed from Chania on a guided tour to Kissamos port where we boarded a ferry to the island of Gramvousa. The tour was memorable as the sea was really wild that day. I did not know until that trip that seasickness truly exists.

We reached the island where we visited the Castle of Gramvousa. This castle was built in 16th century by the Venetians to protect Crete against the Ottoman Empire. Despite its nice position, the Venetians failed to prevent the occupation of Crete. They managed to keep control over the fortress for a while but later had to hand it over to the Ottomans. In 1825 some Cretan disguised rebeller conquered the Castle back .

The Gramvousa island was shelter to 3000 people but since living their was hard they became pirates. This of course made the British and French navies angry and they occupied the Castle in order to drive out the pirates in 1828.

Gramvousa Castle

View from the fortress

View towards Balls lagoon

Little boat at Gramvousa shores

Balos lagoon Panorama

After we saw the castle, we boarded our ferry and sailed towards the lagoon of Balos. This time the sea was calmer and the trip was short.

The lagoon of Balos has white sand and vivid blue turquoise waters. Due to the million crashed shell the sand has pinkish colours at places.

The water is shallow and warm, but outside it it becomes very deep and cold. As you might guess the lagoon is a protected area where cormorants,  falcons, and shags nest in the caves.

Last but not least I would say that even when such beautiful places are part of Nature programs, human impact and neglect affect them really badly. I hope that we will manage to keep places as this one for future generations. Hope this post warmed you up a bit 🙂

Stay tuned for Chania, Elafonisi and who knows what…