Barcelona city life

Barcelona is a „modernista“ city, the place where architects such as Antoni Gaudi and Luis Domenech i Montaner have created remarkable buildings.
The casa Amatller which is closed for the public is work of Gaudi, next to which is Casa Batlo and a crossroad ahead Casa la Pedrera.

The photos in this publication are inspired by the colors of Barcelona. I will not focus on details about people and years, i will just show you the life in Barcelona the way we saw it with my boyfriend.


The next picture is the glass work inside Casa Amatller.

Glass work-Gaudi

Glass work-Gaudi

Since my boyfriend is the one holding and using the big zoom lens he is the one to capture great architecture details on our way around the city.


He also capture tiny details like mosaics and tiles on the buildings. Most of the buildings around the central Barcelona have some architectural accents you have to see with the help of a zooming lens like ours.


Further on the journey in the city, after several days, we grasped the spirit of Barcelona people. All people seemed moving and being active.

The park of Citaudella is the place of the active people.

The sport I adore

The sport I adore

Apart from people enjoying their time at the park, you can see the charm of people spirit moving around with skateboards and roller skaters in the small and narrow streets of the Old town.

Just the spirit

Just the spirit

And there is a little for everyone. For each curiosity, for each taste and for each expectations. It is the city of variety!

The could all play

They could all play

Architecture, spirit, people, and places for fun-everything at one place.

Tha parrots in the Ciutadella park

The inhabitants of the park

And I love how my boyfriend manages to make the perfect frame with the zoom lens.

Somewhere in the Old town

Somewhere in the Old town

This is not the end dear reader. Barcelona is full of surprises and places to see. We tried to experience the city by walking, metro, bus, tram, lift, that is our way.

And the spirit is not just people and architecture, food and drinks also count. I know one would say: „Well, pictures of food here“ but i could not miss showing you how food is adored and presented in Barcelona.


What we did not like were the prices. Actually eating out in Barcelona was too expensive in our opinion but if you live in an apartment with its own kitchen, then you can buy tones of things from the local supermercado for so less money that I was shocked and not to mention the variety!